Department of Computer Engineering in Qassim University

Department of Computer Engineering was established concurrently with the establishing of the College of Computer at Qassim University in the academic year 1427/1428, to cover the needs of the different sectors in the kingdom from this specialty and to prepare the needed qualifications and experiences. The department is looking to prepare the student to be specialized in the computer engineering field after his graduation. Its philosophy gather between computer science and electronic engineering. The curriculum emphasizes on the following areas: computer system architecture and design, microprocessors, digital control, intelligent systems and robotics, data transmission and computer networks. Students are prepared through lab sessions and design projects to face problems like those they may meet in real life to give them the confidence after graduation.

Goals of the Department

1. Demonstrating abilities to take on activities requiring knowledge and skills, and to successfully function in multi-disciplinary teams.
2. Engaging in continuous professional growth through trainings, qualified certifications, or graduate studies.
3. Establishing as practicing professionals in careers employing Computer Engineering.
4. Participating in activities that serve communal obligations and ethical responsibilities.
Faculty Members


Prof. Dr. Abdullah I. Al-Shoshan
Dr.Ashraf S. Nasr,
Dr. Ahmad A. Al-Hajji,
Dr. Samir A. Elsagheer Mohamed,
Dr.Ibraheem Ahmad Kateeb,
Dr.Salem Dhaou NASRI

Assistant Professor

Dr. Syed Sohail Ahmed,
Dr. Anwar Hussain Sadiyal,
Dr. Sameh Mohammad Awaida,
Dr.Yasser A. Ahmed,
Dr.Sameh Ghassan Otri
Dr.Mohammad Tanvir Parvez,
Dr.Abou El-Maaty M. Aly
Dr.Mahmoud Youness Alaidy


Mr.Mohammad Sajid Mohammadi,
Mr.Adel AlAkeel,
Mr.Imran Ahmad Awan