Department of Computer Science in Qassim University

Department of Computer Science was established concurrently with the establishing of the College of Science in the academic year 1418/1419, to cover the needs of the different sectors in the kingdom from this speciality and to prepare the needed qualifications and experiences. The department is looking to prepare the student to be specialized in the computer science field after his graduation through studying and analyzing of computer systems and their architectures in addition to the auxiliary programming tools as operating systems, the miscellaneous programming languages, and computer networks. The curriculum was prepared to outfit the student with the necessary knowledges and experiences required for professionality in this field. Graduators are prepared to be able to work in the governmental and private sectors as Programming Structuring Companies, Universities and Educational Institutions, Communications and Internet Companies, and various Companies and Organizations related with this field.

Goals of the Department

1. . Graduates will contribute to the development of scientific knowledge and technological applications in all aspects of computer science.
2. Graduates will work with others effectively in their professional careers and continuously improving their interpersonal and technical skills.
3. Graduates will be sufficiently equipped to pursue and excel in postgraduate studies and research in computer science and other related fields.
Faculty Members


Prof.Aboubekeur Hamdi-Cherif

Associate Professor

Dr.Ibrahim Sulaiman Alsukayti,
Dr. Saleh N. Alsulmi ,
Dr. Sulaiman Al amro,
Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Hassan
Dr.Mohamed Tahar Ben Othman,
Dr.Khalil Hamdi Al-Shqeerat,
Dr. Syed Khizer,
Dr. Suliman A. Alsuhibany,
Dr.Mohammed Abdullah Hassn Al-Hagery,
Dr.Ayaz ul Hassan Khan,
Dr.Mohammad Nazrul Islam Khan,
Dr.Abdulnaser M. Rachid,
Dr.Master Prince,
Dr.Syed Noman Hasany,


Mr.Shahid Iqbal Lone