Department of Information Technology in Qassim University

Department of Information Technology was established concurrently with the establishing of the College of Computer at Qassim University in the academic year 1427/1428, to cover the needs of the different sectors in the kingdom from this specialty and to prepare the needed qualifications and experiences. The department is looking to prepare the student to be specialized in the Information Technology field after his graduation. The curriculum was prepared to outfit the student with the necessary knowledge’s and experiences required for professionalism in this field. Graduator is prepared to be able to work in the governmental and private sectors as an Information Technologist, and to work in Universities and Educational Institutions, Communications and Internet Companies, and various Companies and Organizations related with this field.

Goals of the Department

1. Continuous development of educational quality and the obtainment of national and international academic accreditation and its preservation.
2. Improvement of academic, professional and competitive abilities of the students.
3. Reinforcement and development of scientific research with students’ involvement.
4. Development of the Department role in serving the local community.
5. Enhancement of services provided to students and alumni.
6. Improvement of job satisfaction, human resources performance, and the increase of administrative and technical efficiency
Faculty Members

Assistant Professor

Dr. Waleed Saleh Albattah,
Dr. Saleh Mohammed Albahli
Dr. Ali AbdulAziz Alkhalifah,
Dr.Zameer ahmed adhoni,
Dr.Gufran Ahmad Ansari,
Dr.Mohammad Ali Azzam Hammoudeh,
Dr.Dina Mahmoud Ibrahim Hussein,
Dr.Khalil Ibrahim Abu Zanouneh ,
Dr.Chafia Kara-Mohamed,
Dr.Rehan Ullah Khan,

Associate Professor

Dr.Sayada Nabhan odda,


Mr.Muhammad ijaz,
Ms.Samar Nasser Abdullah ALDuayji,
Ms.Jowharah Fahad Alshobaili,
Ms. Sadaf Ambreen ,
Ms.Darein hasan Ishtawie,
Ms.Abeer Sulaiman M Alsheaibi,
Ms.Hadeel Fahad Abdullah Alrashed,
Mrs.Azra Begum,

Teaching Assistant

Ms.Jawaher Ali Thamer Alharbi,
Ms.Abeer Ali AlMotairy,